This project was commissioned by RSPB in 2016. The brief was to create a semi-enclosed shelter for visitors to Scotland’s newest nature reserve, on the Inner Forth just South-east of Alloa. The 38-hectare site, known as Black Devon Wetlands, is a mosaic of untouched wet grassland and wetland habitats behind the sea wall. The reserve is an important refuge for large flocks of breeding and wintering wildfowl, special to the Firth of Forth SPA.

The structure was designed and built by Andy Siddall of Civic Architects and my role was to design 12 laser cut steel narrative panels to be integrated into the upper part. The panels were arranged as a calendar, featuring the bird species to be found in the wetlands throughout the year. The designs also include a skyline showing elements of the cultural landscape surrounding the Black Devon Wetlands.

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